As a program of a nonprofit organization and a grassroots theatre movement, the success of our festival depends on the generosity of our vibrant community. The longevity and continued innovation of the Sideshow Fringe Festival relies on your investment in keeping fringe art alive and thriving in Nashville!

We absolutely understand that the decision to give to an organization is very much based in one’s personal belief and trust in an organization’s mission and values.  We are deeply grateful for, and intentional with, every dollar that comes through our door. Supporting a policy of full transparency, never hesitate to ask us about where we spend our resources or what we plan for our future. We’re happy to share all the fine print details with our supporters and friends. We are committed to a sustainable festival that continues to return 50% of our box office proceeds to participating artists.

Consider our various opportunities for supporting the Sideshow Fringe Festival through Donating or becoming a Sponsor.